It was very cathartic to vent. Nothing. Sold a couple of items and then had the brainstorm HEY! Vacation HoldWhether youre going on vacation or want to put a temporary hold on your closet, Vacation Hold lets your buyers know that your listings are temporarily unavailable for purchase. Hello? People offer half the price for a listing. Having been a broke college student, and offering what I believed to be fair on a pair of mittens I was slowly raising to find out what would be okay when I got suddenly blocked I think. Although I have dealt with many nice and honest sellers as well!!!! I tell people to look on line to see if they can buy the BRAND NWT top Im selling that is currently in stores and in style for less? How to know if youre in Poshmark share jail. eek..i have only bought things on Posh and I have only bought things that I absolutely recognized as authentic from web sites, catalogs or stores. Im tired of low balls and comments on my listings about where to get it cheaper. Again I contact poshmark no response. Hope to hear from you soon, in the meantime have you thought about Traders village as a viable and affordable option for store ownership? A second option of any item under 3lbs should be available . My in search of posts were idiotic.. i explaindd to her why we do it, she still kept calling me an idiot and after I was nice, she then goes on to call ME a bitch! I havent received the jacket back yet, which Im sure is going to be a mess when it does comes back. So happy I read this! The list is endless. I am thinking about leaving Poshmark. Well the folks at poshmark know the same thing. Thanks for sharing I dont feel like its just me. Forgot to add this: How to remove a love note: Account Tab My Purchases or My Sales Tap on your item Problems/Order Inquiry Remove Love Note, OH Yes been called White trash told I look like a stripper blocked them and they make new accounts and would keep going Someone told me my ISO posts were idiotic and I was a moron. I love having the control I have over my site. It looks like they just bumped the shipping to $6.95. What a farce! that I shop at sample/warehouse sales. Recently though, someone bought a dress and actually complained in the listing comments stating it was smelly and dingy and I was getting reported. Thank you for sharing your experience. Ive been on Poshmark since the beginning of March 2017. . Hi Ashley! She even supposedly sent them video proof. So I dont know what I will do with all my stuff, but Ill figure it out. even if its new with tags 99.9% bought it off the clearance rack and are trying to sell it at MSRP!!!! In my fourth purchase attempt, the item was never shipped and there was no explanation from the Seller. If youre going to start your own site, try BigCommerce here: Ive been on Ebay for years with fair results. Poshmark didnt even email me. As a buyer, Closet Clear Out is a great time to score deals and discounted shipping. I was so excited to get started, but waiting on my sis to help with pictures. Just seems like so much work but but payoff is so minimal in both cases. If and when they do it will be a cut and paste response from their FAQ with no real answer. I sell ONE or TWO items per week. Long story short Posh told her to send it back and they reimbursed her. I can deal with that. No thanks. -1 star for ship time. That said, Im just done with yet another form of online bullying/abuse/scams where trolls end up the winners. So, I made a nickel, she admitted to breaking my item & im stuck with a 1 star review I totally feel you. and who is CLEARLY either: 1. pulling a bait-and-switch with her own damaged bag (again, in her one photo, you cant even see the entire bag, whereas I have 8 photos of my bag in the listing) OR ! I sold authentic items, described them well, photographed them well, especially noted any items with damage/wear. She is a new user with no prior purchases. Im not even sure if they have a brand promise but it seems the expectations users had was contrary to their actual experience. Augh I feel your pain. I would recommend reporting it to the local authorities, or Tweeting publicly to Poshmark to get a response. Never again mercari. I accepted a real lowball offer for the item in the first place, but I couldnt believe it was happening to me! They take so much money from us and thats all their concern is. Bullying, gaming up on me. So Im not inexperienced in customer service or shipping logistics. Sad. Brilliant for them because they have users devoted to bearing their system, horrible for users because it is so draining that burnout is common. I am scared to list my stuff. I was just curious, what was the best way to post an move all your items listed to your new online store? Not great, but good. Be cautious!! Just browsing through the brands, i was horrified by multiple posts in 10.Deep that appear to be selling people or offering their services. But most alarming was a picture of a young boy with the user name listed as hump87. Your Poshmark account will then be deleted. Based on experience (and believe me, I know), once the payments made, it isnt necessarily all good! To find all of the Posh Parties, simply go to the Shop tab, scroll down to Parties, and tap All Parties to see the Party happening now, Parties youre invited to, and all of the past Parties. I contact the seller and she blocked me. After November 16, 2016. Also her poor, low-lit photos of the spots were blurred. I dont mind doing the work but i believe i should at least be seeing some improvements on their part. They were like new. NWT. They work very hard and this system is actually very self serving to Poshmark. Thats wonderful but Im just starting in a very saturated market over there and I just dont have all day to dedicate. And she is, of course entitled to her feelings, opinions and thoughts in regards to Posh. The whole thing is odd and kind of sketchy! And a majority on here, due to their young age, havent even experienced life much less know how to conduct themselves with any decorum!! Since then, I have SO many new followers everyday. I opened my account on January 31,2017. I shared the receipt with PM since it has private contact info on it and asked the buyer to contact them directly to return, but she keeps posting comments. Poshmark share jail is a way for Poshmark to keep bad-actors off the platform. I end up making negative after the shipping, but I was just happy to help someone cause Im a nice person.What happens to me? But then I had a bad customer service experience with Poshmark that caused me to wonder if all the time I was spending on the app was worth it. 1. I cant even use Poshmark at all it wont even let me make an account. These promotional events include ways to score discounts, make sales, and win prizes. Bundle & Save! Thanks for sharing your experience with me and other Stylaphile readers. Lowballers are the worst. I realize for a well-written description, a slew of questions is less necessary. Press J to jump to the feed. I have a Louie Vuitton handbag that I was going to put on Poshmark, but I wont do it now. Ive had friends try it on too with the same comment. I was so sad to read all these experiences above, I too love my followers and have actually made some close friendships via Posh but it looks like it is time to move to another platform. Weiss Large Jappaned Black Rhinestone Flower Brooch, Signed, New Orange/Yellow Multicolor Crystal Silvertone Stretch Bracelet, New Blue Green Multicolor Crystal Silvertone Stretch Bracelet, Vintage signed Monet Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet, Rare Vintage Confetti Lucite Black & Gold Sequin Cuff Bracelet with Safety Catch, NWOT Pink and Green Goldtone Floral Stretch Bracelet, NWOT CHICOS Shine Stretch Silvertone Medallion Bracelet, Silvertone Gunmetal Gray Diamond Rhinestone Beaded Stretch Bracelet, Indonesian Handmade Stainless Steel and Wood Bangle Bracelet 8, NWT Brighton Animal Instincts Bangle Bracelet, Unique Vintage Bakelite Bead and Sterling Silver Geometric Necklace, Vintage Inspired Art Deco Retro Silvertone Rhinestone Statement Necklace, RL .925 Sterling Silver Murano Glass Bead Charm Made In Italy, Lot of 2 Aqua Blue Faux Leather Cuff and Bangle Bracelets, Vintage Collectable International Sterling Silver "Spring Glory" Adjustable Ring, Silver and 18kgf Large Faux Diamond Ring Size 8.25, Alexis Kirk Signed Pewter Silver Plate Wide Cuff Vintage Bracelet, Beautiful Silver Mirrored Shiny Bling Bangle Bracelet, Authentic Jadeite and Tigers Eye Turtle Pendant Necklace, Miriam Haskell Jeweled Cross Pendant & Necklace Very Rare Vintage in EUC, 2x SEALED Olaplex No. When Poshmark finally got around to a reply they told me they couldnt help me. By and large I have been very impressed with the sellers. The stitching is uneven and awful. Poshmark closet disappeared? No there's not a way to auto log out. It was solitary confinement. I purchased a name brand handbag for a very low price. Ive done oretty well for the most part on Posh.Ive learned to give everyone pretty mych 5 stars..or else..I received a velvet blazer marked size Medium recently..upon receiving was barely a size XS..I took the loss..ALWAYS ask for measurements!! Is there any advice for sales to new members on PM? What I found was constant ranting about cases being opened, lowballs. The first time I was active for three years and did pretty well, however, when Poshmark opened their platform to all markets, enter the trolls, the scammers, the perverts, and the con artists. The responses are way off the mark. Only recently (within the past week) did someone finally answer my emails and sent me an address to return the dress, not the shoes. In fact, Im setting up my Shopify store as we speak and doing some research and thats how I came across your article. Your email address will not be published. When I first started I loved it but now with the Low Ballers or people asking a million questions even if its the middle of the night, Ill reply ! Kaitlyn I am so sorry for you. They emailed him back directing him to the app step by step how to start a claim process. I lost. Long story short: someone bought it, said it had snags, took photos and sent to Posh! I have been using for over 6 mo, perfect sales/ complaints. Why do you feel you would get burned? However, I want to be able to logout all devices to poshmark. To keep Google CAPTCHAs out of your sharing, youll need to slow down with your sharing. And,although its possible your statement may be 100% true,I would argue that theres no way to prove it either way & I actually doubt that it is true in every case. I completely agree! I told him that my ad had clearly stated that it was not brand new and that it was 3/4 full. I feel so sorry to read what happened to you. Head to our complete guide to Posh Stories to learn more. Why not just answer? I have been an occasional Poshmark shopper (I shop ALL over online, wherever I find what I want at a fair price and I never lowball anyone). And Im not the only one to have received items back damaged. What about the effort the seller put into steaming the item so it would look great for the photo? People are picky and dont read descriptions and change their minds constantly and return things they shouldnt and push limits. Im so sorry to hear that PM does not treat sellers fairly. You do have to pay a monthly fee to use Shopify and you have to know a bit of HTML programming in order to get your site set up the way you want it. That looks like a phone number and his responses were in broken English. What about Mercari? Hey there friends I dont exactly want to say that Im glad I came across this blog/platforn, but it has without a doubt helped me to verify my personal issues with these so called trolls, and shed some more light on the recent 2021 downfall of many of Poshmarks users morale. I have only been on Poshmark for a few weeks and I am starting to think no one is actually buying anything because we are all trying to sell something! I was complaining to my bf and he wanted to help out. But no. On Wednesday, the company moved toward that goal by announcing it had raised $25 million in a round led by GGV Capital and existing investors. I sell on etsy, ebay (the worst) , tradesey, and have my own shop. Have you tried Tradesy? Hope this helps!! so ill stay a little longer -but maybe try Ebay and other sites for my more expensive collector items. 1. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. The other time the buyer was just full of it, but you know, I really dont want to have unhappy customers. Ill definitely look into Tradesy, DePop, etc., but think a class-action lawsuit against Poshmark will prove the point quite nicely. I am so glad I found this blog! She claimed it arrived with holes in it. I think I will check out Tradesey and maybe your idea as well . The time is waaaay too much unless you are a high school student. Thanks. I am thinking Poshmark has deleted these things, and I can't figure out why. And the person damaged the zipper on purpose. Im so glad I found a place with similar stories. I tried to search up on Google to see if anyone else has had this issue and so far there has been a few, their responses were either too Relist all the listings or go to (my size) and edit that. The label was undeliverable. I sold her two UD sprays, a Too Faced palette that I had used and decided I didnt want, and a Kat Von D blush Id found at TJ Maxx. I agree! The jeans were brand new and never worn. Gets to customer Tuesday, despite biblical weather and plague events, and the once-a-year holiday. Its designed that way to keep users engaged and both buying and selling on the platform. I ran across your blog and Im happy to see that I am not the only one who keeps getting low ball offers like no tomorrow. Second ship raise this year, also 20% is a huge chunk. She was so argumentative, rude, and unprofessional that I was almost happy that she blocked me from her closet. There is no health insurance, life insurance, 401K, profit sharing, tuition reimbursement, advancement opportunities. I even take photos of distressed details on jeans, even though that is the design. 4 got 5 star reviews. NOT GOOD. So you tell me who is being dishonest??!!!!!! But Im most worried about receiving an empty box or a different bag, as Ive heard horror stories by several other POSHERs. I absolutely cannot stand the giant amount of completely immature brats on that app. You have to create a profile. Anyway, ive sold several items on Poshmark and had great ratings. I dont have a lot of experience with buying wholesale, as most of my items either come directly out of my closet or are things I pick up at consignment stores that either dont fit me or that I think a customer would like. However I do think I will still try my luck with the site, hopefully having a better experience. has a hole in it, a stain and a large pick. Its not even a review. After finding this blog, and following this comment section, I was inspired to create Beyond Poshmark:, If youd like some support, or are looking for alternative selling ideas, please check it out . One little thing they dont like and the thriving business you been working the last few years at is gone! If I get banned because of this comment. when do rhododendrons bloom in smoky mountains, hyatt centric waikiki airport shuttle, st mark's hospital maidenhead opening times,